Mostathmer Plus is a complete integrated information service designed to be your guide in every step of building your fruitful decision. It is considered to be one of the most reliable sources and tools that are indispensable to any investor looking forward for establishing a successful and safe investment in the Saudi stock market.

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One of the most important features of Mostathmer Plus is that it includes all of your basic needs, but what makes it distinguished and in the forefront is:




Best 5 Levels
Chart and technical indicators
Instantaneous data

210 SR / 1 month

1,110 SR / 6 months

580 SR / 3 months

2,000 SR / 12 months



Best 20 Levels
Chart and technical indicators
Instantaneous data
Application of smart phones

235 SR / 1month

1,250 SR / 6 months

655 SR / 3 months

2,300 SR / 12 months

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